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Birg Faruq Ashfaq 1/K/5 is no more.....

Ekram Kabir, 15/ 857
09. July, 2014 Md. faridul islam, 6/ 322
My heartiest condolence on the death of our beloved brother Birg. Faruq Ashfaq.
I knew him very well as our college leader for one year.
May Allah bless him. Let us all pray for his departed soul.
Thanks to Ekram (15/857) for informing us. May be, some one writes more on the real cause of the accident. As Anwar (6/329) writes, using cell phone while driving is a major cause of traffic accident – also in other countries of the world.

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09. July, 2014 Anwarul Haque Tarik, 6/ 329
"Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeyun" "In our worldly cosmic travel; We come from the Holy and shall return to the Holy"

"Indeed, the knowledge of that hour (death) is with Allah, He sends down the rain, He knows what is in the wombs; no one knows what the future will bring, and no one knows where they will die! Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Habir." - (31:34)

Indeed a tragic news for us. It should be a lesson for all of us; "avoid using mobile phone while walking on the road".

"May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace in Jannah."

We recollect also his brother Ex-Cadet Late Brigadiar Shabab Ashfaq (1/37) who also died few years ago in a tragic incidence.

During our early days in JCC we used to consider them as ideal for best cadets.

Can we have more credentials of our elder brothers uploaded in this web page as an honor and as an extra information ?

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