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Joined JCC on the 15th june,1967.After cheking into cadet college for the f ... Read more
It was a Monday of 28th July , 1969; it was a hot and sunny summer day wit ... Read more
Joined JCC on 3rd Aug 1975. Alauddin bhai 11/636 received me very affection ... Read more
This was wonderful to go Jhenidah from Sylhet in 77, a LONG journey and it ... Read more
I have shared it in my book "Nishith Kuhu" which will be published in 2012 ... Read more
বৃত্তায়িত এ ... Read more
May 28, 1983: I had mixed feelings on this day. Between the emotions of emb ... Read more
I appeciate this "Digital" effort of connecting the ex-cadets of jcc. pleas ... Read more
Ist day at college on 24.05.1988 was exciting. Everything was new and colle ... Read more
purano sei diner kotha ....... ... Read more
It was 12 May 1994 and rest is the history which has kept me alive ... Read more
Few events:
1. Changing dress in front of unknown people at the gate
... Read more
When I first entered my beloved JCC, it appeared like a very beautiful plac ... Read more