General Information

We had requests from our cadets to introduce an online drive/cloud drive/online storage as a platform to share files, specially pictures and music. "HiDrive" (company STRATO in Germany) is offering this opportunity. The servers of STRATO are all located in Germany and as regards data security the company is completely under German rule/regulations - completely free of external pressure (STRATO Servers are much securer than Facebook and Co.).

The increasing demand for storage will also increase management activities of our administrator. We may have to alter/change the structure of our data maintenance.

We therefore request all our cadets to make wise and effective selection of your files (specially pictures) and upload only college related pictures.

Please use:
users\jhenidahcc\Documents for documents,
users\jhenidahcc\Music for music and
users\jhenidahcc\Pictures for pictures

Please add "Yes" to "Online drive contribution" in your record. It will help to select/search the folders and files (see bottom of the start page)

Login To The Online Drive

1. Select/Go To Online Drive/Slide Show
2. Choose "Login" from the screen (
3. Put username and password (these are similar to the username and password of
Click hier to go to the Online Drive

Please note:
1. In some cases (depending on your operating system or/and browser) you may not see the contents of a folder. Press the keys Strg + 0 (Null) and you will see the contents (Standard Zoom).
2. Please never press the "Refresh/Update Button" on your browser; you will be logged out automatically. HiDrive does not allow this option due to security reason.

HiDrive - FAQ

Please look at the following pages to get the answers of your FAQs
Please read ...
Please read ...

How To Create A New Folder On Online Drive"

1. Select/come to the folder/place, where you want to create a new folder
2. Select "Manage", "New folder" and give a name
3. Very important:
a) Please give the Folder a self-explaining name like: "Farid_6_322 With Friends in New York Nov13"
b) Create a record with "File and Folder Information - Online Drive", so that our cadets get more information about the files (specially pictures) in the folder.

How To Upload Files From Your Local PC

1. Select "To File Manager" (After you have login to HiDrive)
2. Make a new folder or select an existing one
3. Select "Upload Files"
4. Select "Choose files from the computer"
5. Select Files/Files (just like Windows Explorer) and send

Recommendation: If you want to upload a number of files, please make first a ZIP-File on your local computer, upload the ZIP-File on Online Drive and then extract the ZIP-File on the Online Drive

How To Download Files On Your Local PC

1. Select "To File Manager" (After you have login to HiDrive)
2. Go to the folder and select the file/files
3. Select "Download"
4. Select the local PC folder, where the file/files be downloaded, ok
(if you have already fixed your download folder under your browser, the file/files may automatically be downloaded there)

Recommendation: If you want to download a number of Files, please make first a ZIP-File on HiDrive, download the ZIP-File and then extract the ZIP-File on your local PC Online Drive

How To Start A Slide Show

1. Double-Click on the first Picture -> you come to the Photo Album/Slide Show screen
2. Click on "Start slideshow" -> the slide show begins
You may also look at the pictures one after another with single clicks

HiDrive App

general Information

Easy access to the HiDrive from your smart phone.
Look at the pictures from HiDrive on your smart phone and share them with our cadets.
Download music from HiDrive (which have been uploaded by your friends) on your smart phone. Look at other features/options of the App.

Please Note that this App was developed (Company STRATO) to share files and pictures among friends (a group of people) and not exactly for listening to music (there are other music Apps for this purpose, but they will not allow any access to HiDrive).

Recommendation for music: Please download music on your smart phone and listen to them.

Please click here to get more information on the App including its installation. For the installation please use the same login information as for login to the

There are also enough information in internet on this App.