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Inter Cadet College Football Championship 1975 and our pillow fight

We, the 6th intake, were in class eleven. Inter Cadet College Football Championship took place in Momenshahi Cadet College (MCC). Firoz Khan Chowdhury was in class twelve and our Captain. I can not remember now all the players, who participated. From our class (6th Intake) were Nurullah Siddiqui (319), Shafiullah (288), Matiur Rahman (307), Ekramul Kabir, Mahbubul Alam (277), Nurul Islam (Bhatiza,284), myself (322).

Nurullah was links man and the best player from our intake. Sahfiullah (defence) and Farid (me, forward) were the gentlemen on the ground. Nurul/Bhatiza (defence) was the shortest but the most dangerous one among us. He would very often say words to an opposite forward player like these: “If you again try to make a goal, I shall send you to hospital.” Many times they did not go to hospital but, I am sure, they had body pains for days together.

Anyway, we were four teams from four cadet colleges. The other three were Momenshahi (MCC), Rajshahi (RCC) and Fouzdarhat (FCC). Our team was runners up and MCC won the championship at last. Naturally, nobody was satisfied with this result. We were of the opinion, specially Nurul, that MCC manipulated the referee and won the championship.

Nurul came to us with a new idea at the last evening of our stay in MCC. He organised a pillow fight at that night. As soon as our pillow fight was over and a lot of pillows damaged, he requested us to go to bed earlier or at least in time, leaving behind a very gentleman like impression.

We woke up very early next morning, hid the damaged pillows under bed sheets, went to breakfast just in time and took our belongings to our college bus which was waiting in front of the house for us. Mr. Eberuddin (he was our teacher in charge) was a bit surprised to see the timing and discipline of our room. He praised us that we left the dormitory very neat and clean just as the bus started leaving the college.

We still do not know, what Momenshahi Cadet College thought about us.