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Jexca Europe get together in Worthing; South England; from 2-4 July 2021 (26)

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Dr. Faridul Islam, 6/322
Thanks a lot to Manzoor and his wife for hosting us at their place. It is great to be together for a while since we left the college ............ 04.06.2021: Dear brothers, I am really very sorry to inform you that we shall not be in Worthing from 2-4 July. Germany is still in the amber list. Independent of the development in the next days, we need already now some planning security. We have our summer holidays this year from 18.06. to 04.07. (Kopenhagen, Malmö, Leipzig, Munich etc.) it is wise to finalize our plan now and not later. I talked with Manzoor yesterday. By the grace of Almighty, we shall meet somewhere next. We are very often in the world. With best wishes for you all. Stay safe!
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Maeen ul Hasan, 10/593
I have already booked my accommodation for July 2-4 gathering Now, looking forward to see you all. Thanks & regards
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Mushtaque Ahmed, 14/827
July booking is invidually
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