About webmeeting-jcc
The history of ‘webmeeting-jcc.com’ goes back to the years 2010/2011 when the use of mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) was not so well known.

The Old Version was only developed for desktop devices - PC, laptop, notebook, etc. (In use til the end of 2021. There will be no more development work for the old version).

With the development of time we had to consider also the mobile machine users for this application; thus allowing all (mobile and desktop) users to use the new version.

This new version of ‘webmeeting-jcc.com’ is developed on the basis of responsive web design, for all machines – desktop and mobile.

It is not easy for an application, dealing with a databank (tables, columns, rows, records/datasets etc.) to make the proper use of responsive web design, especially for mobile machines. The style sheets, forms, menus are always used with restrictions.

You will need login information (one time for a session) for some insert, edit, email transaction and telephone services (password protected activities). Please send a "Request For Login Information", if you do not have them jet.

This web application is not only for ex-cadets but also for present cadets - for all. It also includes other members of the college such as teachers, staffs etc. We consider Jhenidah Cadet College as one family. As it is customary in a family, one member can view the details of another member (as like a brother from another brother in the family) and update them if necessary with login information. There is no better and easy way to keep the information/data up-to-date for a longer period of time. This idea is not against data protection

Development work is always in progress. Please send us your feedback which will help us to better this application.

There is a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption certificate (encrypted connection) available for this application