Search for profession/specialisation

In many cases you may look for persons/cadets by profession/specialisation including his address and telephone number. Specially in the case of physicians it is very important to know what type of physician he is. A modern databank has to supply these information.

The variable "specialisation" was included later in the databank and the variable "profession", which was from the very beginning a part of the databank, is not also healthy (require modification).

Please update your profession with specialisation and help others to find/get you with better/appropriate information.

Here are some examples for profession and specialisation:
Profession : Physician
Specialisation : Eye Specialist, Orthopaedist, Cardiologist, Cancer Specialist, Radiologist, Paediatric Specialist, Dermatologist, Neurologist, ENT Specialist, Infertility Specialist etc.

Example 2:
Profession : Engineer
Specialisation : Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Example 3:
Profession : Programmer, Software developer, IT
Specialisation: Database Programmer, System Administrator

How to search/get/find a cadet by profession/specialisation
You are looking for a cadet with "Physician/Orthopaedist" as profession/specialisation
1. "Search For Profession/Specialisation"
2. Put "Physician" or "Ortho" in "Search for profession/specialisation"
3. Click on "Go for result"