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Dr. Faridul Islam, 6/ 322    
Paikhana Unnayan Prokolpo

Our Aim/Work Plan:

A cadet, a friend/relative of a cadet should spend an amount for the sanitary maintenances of a toilet.

Slogan: "Sponsor A Toilet"

The toilet is mainly on a school, madrasha, mosque, market or on your private property.

If the toilet is on a public place (like school, market) we need to have the consent and cooperation of the local authority before we spend an amount for the sanitary maintenances of the toilet.

If it is on our private property, we spend an amount for the sanitary maintenances of the toilet and allow other people, including women, to use the toilet.

We pay an amount to an unemployed woman or a person with no regular income to maintain the toilet (sanitary situation). We may share the expenditure also with our families/relatives/friends in Bangladesh or abroad.

People using the toilet may pay tip/baksheesh (on voluntary basis), which will better the financial situation of the person working for the toilet and encourage and motivate her/him to work properly and sincerely. Honoring a "toilet attendant" with some tip/baksheesh is known in the world.

The toilet should have a sign board "Toilet: Mohilader Jonneo" (Also for Women). The sign board must be easy to find.

We try to gain the following group of people for our efforts to sponsor a toilet or to support people to sponsor a toilet:

Our working colleague and friends in Bangladesh and outside
Our relatives in Bangladesh and outside.
Our children, their friends and working colleage

This is more a movement than a project

Our aim is to serve the country in a simple way without binding people under serious obligations.

Let us talk with our relatives and friends. Better and appropriate toilets are the first priority for a healthy life. Good toilets add to a better personality of a person, family and nation.

Let us start the movement with the slogan "One cadet one toilet" and transfer it to other group of people. Take support of your friends, if need be.

We encourage those, who are already involved with this work.

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Kazi Mostaque Ahmed, 21/ 1174    
Khejurmohol Etimkhana, Rampal, Bagerhat

Ramadan is not that far and if you like to donate your Zakat or make any other contribution to our family led orphanage this year then please do so. The orphanage has 100+ orphans of different ages (boys and girls)and it was built by my late fatherKazi Abdul Hamid.

Donating money within Bangladesh can be made by Bank Transfer as below:
HALIMATUS SADIA (RAD) Khejurmahal Etimkhana
A/C NUMBER: 6318


BKash Account:
01768182081 Mr Abdus Salam
and 01711449902 Mr Ehia Sheikh
Transferring money internationally can be made as below:
Khezurmohol Etimkhana
Account Number: 200007765
Swift Code: 0336BSONBDDHFE

Address of Etimkhana:
Khezurmohol Etimkhana
Rampal, Bagerhat

Facebook page Link:

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Anwarul Haque Tarik, 6/ 329    
Jexca Free Health Service for the poor & destitute

Jexca has its own premise at Khulna running Medical Health Service every Friday. Besides consultancy we are providing medicine among the deserving destitute in and around our community.

Please look at the following video
JEXCA Healthcare Complex

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